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Only two weeks left to the Sales
Our pride and joy: the Galileo ex Sogno Verde colt, Lot 1182 Goffs Nov Sales. A video can be viewed at: https://vimeo.com/144919979

Counting down to the day we both relish and fear...

With only two weeks left to the Sales, our foals are coming towards the end of their preparation time. This week is when their workload is biggest. They are walked for 30 to 35 minutes in the morning followed by turn out and leisure time in the paddock until 15.30. In the afternoon they are each individually walked on the lanes around the farm in order to develop independence and trust to go wherever they are asked to.They are also weighed weekly to make sure they are neither over- nor underfeed. Their avarage weight gain is about 5 kg a week which is normal for a weanling at this stage of development. In the evening they now get groomed and have their feet treated with hoof hardener as they will wear a lot during the showing at the Sales. They are very cooperative and easy to deal with and seem to enjoy the attention given to them.

We hope that the foals are ready to do themselves justice in what essentially is a new and difficult environment for them. It is their first time away from home and their whole world will be changed. However, it is amazing how quickly they adapt to their new surroundings and routine. Fingers crossed for the next fortnight that we will get them there safe and sound.


Sandra and Tom who do a great job with the foals every day. Above L to R: lot 1197 Cape Cross colt ex Theola, Lot 866 Lilbourne Lad fille x Khatela and lot 976 Epaulette filly ex Third Dimension.

The Goffs November Sales are where our produce goes to market. It is on one hand  eagerly awaited, as we learn how our foals compare with all the others on the market place (1,203 foals at Goffs alone!). How do the professionals, who see and assess thousands of horses around the globe, receive and judge them? We are proud to show off our stock. On the other hand, this is where our whole year's income is generated and there are many uncontrollable factors affecting the result.This is a very fashion-driven business and the goal posts often change very quickly and unpredictably.

Even if we do sell well, we are always sad to see them go because we have spent so much thought, energy, time and care to ensure their optimal development and well-being. Hopefully though, they go to good homes and we will eventually see them in the winner's enclosure like many Swordlestown Little-breds before them!

Dellboy is not too worried about the upcoming Sales or anything other than food. As long as Des keeps up to standard, he is happy!

Swordlestown Little, Naas, County Kildare, Ireland.
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