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The summer is disappearing quickly and weaning has started
Happy days before weaning

Time to get independent!

The summer months have flown by and a lot of paint has been dispensed around the farm. Sandra and Dennis have done a fantastic job painting fences and the barn is resplendent in a new wall colour and roof! After a lovely and informative week-end in Deauville, we had to tackle the weaning of our oldest foals. This is always a worrying time, not only for the mares and foals but also for us. Trying to avoid traumatic injury and weight loss and minimise stress is the primary goal during the procedure.

The foals have taken stage 1 of separation in their stride and we have a new addition at Swordlestown Little (top right).

Normally we carry out weaning in two stages. First we divide mares and foals into two groups in adjacent paddock. they are separated by a solid, electrified fence next to the house for constant supervision. We can keep an eye on how the foals cope and they, in return, keep us from sleeping to deeply for a night or two! The mares soon settle down and move away from the fence, going about their own business. The foals generally are more agitated as they miss access to milk, more than anything. However, by day 2 they usually get hungry and eat their feed, fortified with  milk pellets, quite greedily. 

Stage 2 involves removing the mares to the far side of the farm, so they can neither be seen or heard. Generally, at this stage milk production has seized and the udders have become smaller and the mares are no longer at risk of developping mastistis. They usually do not seem to care much about having lost their foals. At this stage the foals are well used to eating concentrates as well as grass and are fed out in the feed twice a day. They will remain in this routine until they come in at night to start their sales preparation. 

Many thanks to our painting team! We also happened to get a new access road!

Swordlestown Little guarddogs!

Bluebell's first foal, a colt by sire of the moment, Dark Angel

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