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One of worst storms ever seen in Ireland, but Goffs went ahead no matter what....
Our Arcano ex Third Dimension colt is enjoying his day out at the Sales.

It is goodbye to both colts and sadly also to our beautiful crab apple tree!

During the last 48 hours we saw every kind of weather ranging from beautiful sunshine to torrential rain, snow and one of the worst storms, resembling a tornado. There has been massive damage to trees, infrastructure  and houses throughout Ireland, but luckily there were no human casualties. We have many bushes down and quite a bit of damage to fencing and sadly our most favourite crab apple tree in Lawlors could not withstand the high winds and has come down.  We will have to plant a new one in its place tough so that the next generations can enjoy the magnificient blossoms and lovely crab apple smell in autumn!


The Goffs sales have once again proved to be highly satisfactory and we are really happy that both our colts have found good new homes. We were hugely proud of them as they both behaved impeccably well. Our Arcano colt was the third-highest priced yearling at 52k, behind a very good-looking Lilbourne Lad who made 54k. It is great to see how popular Lilbourne is, let us hope they run fast and early! 

Dee sunbathing did not last very long as can be seen in the pictures of snow and torrential rain above!

Sales impressions

Today's EBN and Racing Post article with a lovely quote from Frannie Woods, who purchased our Arcano colt.

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