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Introduction to riding - most horses learn quickly if they are taught correctly.
Claude is cantering in the big field for the first time

Dr. Schmids Clodovil ex Romandie colt is now ready to go into training with Mr. Oxx!

In the times we live in everything has to happen fast. Unfortunately this also applies to the introduction of  yearlings to their new lives as racehorses and the once Irish standard technique of driving in long reins has nearly died out. More and more yearlings are brought in from a field or the sales and are tacked up, lunged and backed by a rider within an hour. Unfortunately, the term \"breaking\" is often taken too literally!  

However, the purpose for the more time-consuming traditional way of  introduction to the rider (approximately three to four  weeks) is to produce a horse that is obedient, confident and trusting. It is is familiar with the basic commands of the rider and is easy to manipulate. Ideally it can canter on the left and right lead and can be controlled in an open space (field). This is time well spent and always pays its dividends. Just as with children, the basic education is of utmost importance and prevents many problems later. What they learn at this stage in their development, they will never forget.

An 18 months journey: Claude at one day, three and twelve months old (above) and eighteen months (below). (Claude also features in the video end of page)

From starting to lunge the horse to riding in a confined area can take from two to four weeks, depending on the type of animal. Daily time spent in the paddock is important.

Loading into the lorry is also on the things-to-learn-list. A rewards awaits at the end!

The desired end result: an easy to ride, happy and trusting young horse ready to face the challenges ahead.

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