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Hashanar is winning his second race of the yet early season!
A delighted owner, Mrs Charlotte Haselbach greeting her winner with jockey Olivier Placais. Contratulations to owner, trainer, rider and groom of Hashanar. Photo Scarlett Schaer

... and all is well that ends well!

Hashanar: newborn (left), 3 days old (middle), six months old (right) and in winning mode (above).

And finally, after trials and tribulations, we  found, bought and dispatched the little Thoroughbred mare Asian Dancer to Switzerland. There she will have every chance to be a leading racing pony for her new owner, the twelve year old Ella Muntwyler. She will develop under the watchful eye and the tuition of her dedicated father Urs and her enthusiastic mother Gabi.  Hopefully they will have a lot of fun together and give Ella the basics to become a successful jockey later in her career. We wish them the best for the future!

The Pony at her previous home in deepest Co Limerick (left), then at Swordlestown Little for some tlc and finally with her new owner Ella (above).

My goddaughter Mia and her brother Maurin are getting an early education from pony Pic in Deisswil! Phtotos: Scarlett Schaer

And finally we are getting the news from France that Miss Lloyds has had a lovely filly foal by Spirit One. Photo: Scarlett Schaer

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